Financial Data Migration Specialists


Vivalto is a specialist company focusing on data migration and consultancy services for financial systems.


Who we are

Vivalto started in 2004 as a finance oriented general management consultancy. This quickly grew across sectors due to the broad historic experience of the team. Data migration services followed to meet the associated project delivery needs, covering a gap in the market where it was proving difficult to procure effective and efficient data migration on behalf of our clients. In turn the specialised recruitment service evolved to meet the need for additional resources and to provide flexible delivery for our clients.

Vivalto’s cultural values are focussed on our client’s needs as the overarching principle. Remaining independent of all other suppliers and vendors ensures our recommendations are always totally impartial, and maintaining a low and flexible cost base ensures our continued competitiveness.

The company is run by two partners, one from a senior management background leading on sales, project management, and business analysis, and the second from a technical background leading on systems, programming, and data.

The majority of the team are UK based and have worked for Vivalto for several years. They are able to move across the different services, keeping abreast of current best practise in data migration implementation, consultancy and recruitment. We also have some team members who emigrated a couple of years ago and who now deliver our out of hours programming to enable a seamless 24 hour data migration service.