Transformation Specialists


Vivalto is a specialist company focusing on projects and programmes that deliver significant change.

Change has many parts but it's people that make it happen


The breadth of our work

  1. Social care transformation
  2. Public sector cost reduction
  3. Shared services
  4. Contract drafting and negotiation
  5. ERP systems implementation
  6. Systems led transformation
  7. s151 management
  8. Internal operational audit
  9. Utilities transformation
  10. Customer segmentation
  11. Rail fares and ticketing
  12. Transforming ways of working
  13. Staff and stakeholder consultations
  14. Housing and waste strategies
  15. Data migration
  16. Data and Big Data reporting
  17. Mergers, Demerges and Acquisitions
  18. Retail and publishing
  19. E-commerce
  20. Sales commision and incentive schemes